You can find us on DALnet on #robotrage-reborn.

How to connect?

You need an IRC client, for example HexChat.

After installation you will be asked to select your nickname and network. Select DALnet.

Wait for popup asking you to join a channel. Type "#robotrage-reborn". You can uncheck "Always show...".

Additional steps

To make your nick permanent, so nobody else can use it, register it with command:
/nickserv register your-password your-email

You will be asked to answer simple question, do it with command:
/nickserv register your-password your-email answer

You'll get an email, you need to click a link in it to activate your account.

Now everytime you join, you need to authenticate with command:
/nickserv identify your-nick password

Setup auto-login and auto-join

Go to HexChat->Network list, select DALnet, click Edit.
Put your password in password field, leave login method NickServ (/NICKSERV + password)

On autojoin channels add #robotrage-reborn

Please note!

We don't sit there 24/7. If you enter the room, write a message and nobody answers (but you see one of us there), please wait. It might take us a while to notice your message. Also, Raged[BOT] is a bot and there is no need to chat with him ;)