Who are you?

We are just a bunch of guys with some amount of technical knowledge, who enjoyed the original game in it's prime time.

So, you're not Raketspel/Miniclip?

No, we are not.

Where did you get server files?

We created our own server files based on knowledge we got while analysing game files and some saved network logs we found online.
If you want to know more technical details, visit this Wiki page.

Where did you get game files?

If you knew what you were doing it was possible to download game (client) files when game was still up. We got several versions of the client saved by several people. We are using mix of v55 and v60 files.

Why are you using different verions?

We use v60 for the most part - it's the latest version we managed to get our hands on.
However we use v55 arena - v60 arena has disabled chat. Miniclip probably wanted to drop some moderation duties.

How can I help?

Play the game.
You can also edit our Wiki and share your knowledge with us. If you have any resources, share them with us.
We are especially looking for original arena (not the roof) from the first version of the game. If you have anything regarding that arena, share it with us please.