Q: What is RobotRage Reborn?

A: RRR is fanmade remake of RobotRage 2: Rearmed.

Q: Are you Miniclip/Raketspel?

A: No. We are just fans of the original game.

Q: Do you have permission to work on a remake?

A: Yes. We asked Raketspel for a permission, and they allowed us to continue on one condition: it has to be non-commercial project.

Q: Will you cooperate with Miniclip?

A: We would like to, but it depends on them.

Q: Can I play the game right now?

A: No. It's still very early build. There are some essential parts missing.

Q: Will it be free?

A: Yes.

Q: When will it be done?

A: We develop in our free time. Don't expect it too soon, we are a bit lazy ;)

Q: How can I help?

A: You can answer our questions about the original game.
We base our remake on our memories and few youtube videos. That's not enaugh, we need your help.
If you are graphic/sound designer and you want to help, write us an email.

Q: Can I donate to make development faster?

A: No. We are not holding rights to RobotRage, so earning money on it wouldn't feel right.

Q: Will there be premium weapons?

A: Yes. We plan to remake all weapons, but this time they'll be purchasable for ingame credits.

Q: I have other question.

A: Feel free to click that "Contact" button on top :)